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Why Helmi

We empower investors with a unique combination of on-the-ground expertise, a cutting-edge platform, and insightful research.  With a vast network and connections to regional operators, we unlock investment opportunities across all stages in emerging markets.
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The research you need to understand emerging markets.
June 21, 2024

Week 25, 2024 - Latin America

Latin America is rapidly transforming into a major player in the global talent market, driven by a blend of favorable conditions, technological advancements, and a shift towards flexible work arrangements (FWAs). This dynamic region, known for its diverse cultures and burgeoning economies, is setting new standards in the global talent...
June 20, 2024

Blockchain Innovations in Latin America

Blockchain innovation in Latin America is rapidly transforming various sectors, driven by the region's need for secure, transparent, and efficient systems. Countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are pioneering the use of blockchain technology to tackle issues such as financial inclusion, supply chain transparency, and secure voting...
June 14, 2024

Week 24, 2024 - Latin America

Latin America is experiencing a significant rise in cyber threats, prompting countries in the region to enhance their cybersecurity measures and resilience. Here are the key insights: Digital Transformation and Increased Cyber Threats: Latin America accounted for 12% of global cyberattacks in 2022. Rapid digital transformation has...

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Helmi.
What kind of investments can I find?
We can help you find equity, debt, and M&A investments in Latin American private markets - from startups to established companies.
I am looking to make investments into debt and M&A, where should I go?
For these types of opportunities, book a call through our website and let’s talk further.
How can I register as a company?
You can register here. You can also find more information about the tools provided by the platform.
I am a Fund Manager, how can I use the platform?
Platform has a built-in portfolio manager that allows you to track your portfolio performance effortlessly.
I am looking to make investments into startups, where should I go?
Register in the platform to access startups deals from different verticals and stages.
How can I know more about emerging markets?
Newsletter is sent on a weekly basis and contains the most relevant news from the region. For additional research, head to Insights. For additional content, head to our Youtube Channel.